Types of Penile Prosthesis: learn about the different Penile Implants

Types of Penile Prosthesis- Know the different Penile Implants-1

We have already talked here about what a penile prosthesis is for and now to identify whether you need one or not. As important as these two topics is to understand which types are on the market and to clarify your doubts about each of them. This is important if you ever need this treatment.

The choice of the type of prosthesis to be used, however, will depend on a pre-assessment at the time of the appointment. In addition to patient preference, some factors are evaluated for this decision, such as medical condition, lifestyle, costs and other aspects related to scrotal size, penis length and caliber.

In this post you will understand all the details about choosing a penile prosthesis and, if you have any doubts, you can contact me using this form. 




It keeps the penis in a state of erection, stretched and, due to its good malleability, it accommodates on the body with tighter underwear. These are the main characteristics of the malleable or semi-rigid prosthesis, which still has the advantage of not having liquid leaks, not suddenly stopping to work, in addition to having a low need for replacement, especially when compared to inflatable (or hydraulic) models.

The two rods - silver filaments wrapped in silicone - make the penis malleable and allow it to be gently accommodated downwards or to the sides (groin). During intercourse, just put it in a straight position and you're ready to start it.

On the other hand, the degree of malleability of the penis and residual erection do not depend only on the type of prosthesis. A satisfactory result will mainly depend on an adequate surgical procedure, which takes into account the structures of the cavernous bodies of each patient. The key to a better result is tissue reconstruction aimed at recovering penile size and caliber, associated with the correct sizing of the implant in the reconstructed organ. When the prosthesis is placed without reconstruction, the chances of patient dissatisfaction are much higher.

Watch the video where I talk all about the malleable penile prosthesis

Tipos de Prótese Peniana Protese Maleavel ou Semi rigida


The articulated prosthesis can be folded more easily than the malleable one. It is also coated with silicone and makes it even easier to hide the erection. However, the small articulated sections that make up the prosthesis contribute to a scenario of less firmness in penetration, which we also call low vertical or axial rigidity. It is a less popular model of penile implant than the others, but, as I said above, it is important that you know about the existence of this model to solve your doubts once and for all. In some cases, using a model with more caliber, the articulated prosthesis also offers good axial rigidity.
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Prótese Peniana Articulável


The biggest advantage of this type of prosthesis is the possibility of inflating and resuming the flaccidity of the penis when it is most convenient for you. This makes many men consider it the most discreet, however, it has a meticulous functioning and requires attention.

In this type of implant, the man produces an erection by manipulating a pump housed in the scrotum with saline solution. The liquid travels through the cylinders implanted in the penis, which activate the hydraulic system and inflate them. After the sexual act, just press the valve for a few seconds so that the liquid returns to the reservoir and resumes the resting position, however, it is worth mentioning that the penis will not retract to the point of being small, with the same size as before the penile implant.

Two-volume or three-volume inflatable prosthesis?

The inflatable prosthesis can have two or three volumes and both work very similarly. The difference is that the three-volume one allows a greater volume of fluid exchange in the system, allowing greater filling of the cylinders when activated for erection and greater sagging when deactivated. This is because this model, in addition to the two cylinders and the pump, also has an extra reservoir of saline solution ( * ), installed imperceptibly in the patient's abdomen.



Image - Differences between inflatable penile prostheses - 2 and 3 volumes.


The disadvantage of the inflatable prosthesis, be it two or three volumes, is the risk of leakage of the solution. Because it is more complex, its system is subject to mechanical failures due to fluid leakage, which will require a new surgery for replacement, as the prosthesis suddenly stops working. In this case, the surgeon's experience and skill is even more important, both for the implant and for connecting the entire system, to avoid further problems.

Usually, this prosthesis is indicated for patients who are more concerned with discretion, usually younger men, or for those who have organic problems with blood filling in the penis, which the malleable prosthesis would not solve satisfactorily. But this is a more complex issue, which should be discussed during a medical appointment and face-to-face assessment.

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Watch the video where I talk all about the inflatable penile prosthesis:

Prótese Peniana Inflável de 3 e 2 volumes


The most expensive prosthesis option is not always the best. Each patient who needs a penile prosthesis is examined individually, with a few questions and an exam with artificially induced erection, associated with a high definition ultrasound to evaluate the internal structures of the penis. Thus, it is possible to understand the causes of the lack of rigidity, if there was any loss of penis size and the conditions associated with this decrease, to define the most appropriate type of prosthesis.

The cost-benefit factor is also always taken into account. By being aware of the variants of each model, the patient can choose the one he likes the most, both in terms of functioning and financial possibilities. Therefore, what will define the best type of prosthesis to be implanted is the assessment of the patient, together with the doctor, and not just the price.

There are times when the malleable prosthesis can offer the best penile aesthetics, in terms of length and circumference of the penis, but at a lower cost. In other cases, it is the inflatable prosthesis that will bring this more harmonic result.

The most important thing is to do the treatment with a specialist doctor, with experience in penile reconstruction surgery, always aiming at the best result of size and caliber of the penis. Diagnosis and indications are given at the time of the face-to-face appointment.
Dr. Paulo Egydio comments on one of the surgical techniques in Folha de S.Paulo. 

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Quanto custa uma prótese peniana?

If it is of interest to you, schedule a time for us to assess your situation. I'm here to help you.



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