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Men's health: how to stay healthy all year round

Before we start talking about man's sexual health, let us agree on one thing: Sex is great! Moreover, it is not just for your well-being and self-esteem. The sexual activity also brings countless physical benefits, such as relief from migraine attacks, improvements in the appearance of the skin, decreased stress, better quality of sleep and many other factors that directly affect your daily life.

Curved Penis: 5 Signs That Show You Need To Treat This Condition
The Egydio Technique: definition, indication, and best practices

Many men who need treatment for penile curvature, whether because of Peyronie or Congenital Curvature or even because they need to implant a prosthesis to solve their erection issues, have questions about the surgical procedure, the techniques, and the factors to consider to have a positive and satisfactory outcome.

How can a Urologist and his blog assist your sex life?

The sexual health of men is not a very common subject for usual conversations or discussion groups. When it comes to erectile dysfunction or diseases that affect penile anatomy and the quality of sex life, people usually get embarrassed or feel discomfort, usually they are not ready to talk about this kind of issue with their family and friends.

Surgery for Curved Penis: How does the pre and postoperative work?

Many men with curved penis ask themselves if this will lead into a problem in their sexual life. Since there are different factors that influence the penile anatomy, this answer can only be clarified after a medical evaluation. However, there are also ways to observe your penis and get yourself to some conclusions.

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Can a congenital penile curvature evolve to Peyronie's disease?

Yes, it’s normal to have a curved penis. I realize that many men feel ashamed of the curved anatomy of their penises and because of that they don’t want to talk about it, making it a taboo. Apparently, they don't know that the most important thing when you notice something different in your penis is to look for specialized advice and information on that matter, in order to find the ideal treatment to have a more fulfilling life.

Men's Health: 6 important tips to boost your sexual performance

Let's talk about sex? The daily routine, the worries, moments of stress and the physical fatigue usually make us neglect moments of pleasure. And when we talk about men's sexual health the issue gets even worse, since men do not have the habit of seeking preventive medical help.

Is your penis becoming bent? Find out why the penis can get curved

Having a bent penis is more common than we imagine. In some cases the tortuosity is soft and does not stop the man from having sex, and also it does not bring any kind of embarrassment. But when the curvature has reached a critical stage it is necessary to make a treatment to straighten the penis, if it is not well treated it can get worse and cause sexual and psychological problems.

Congenital curved penis - what is a regular penis?

Let's talk about your penis’s health? Surely you call your doctor for periodic blood and heart tests, but when was the last time you took your best friend to a medical evaluation? Many men do not realize the importance of visiting an urologist on a regular basis and make sure that everything is going well down there.

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How to Straighten a bent penis - Peyronie or Congenital Curvature?

If you have no idea of the answer, don't worry. I have noticed that this is a common question among my patients.

Have you ever wondered the penile anatomy can vary greatly from man to man? I know this is not a very common topic when chatting with friends, so it is normal to have questions about what defines a bent penis and its implications.

If this is your the case, you are in the right place. Here we will talk openly about how to straighten the penis, no matter if the problem is either Congenital Curvature or Peyronie's Disease. With no taboos, the purpose is to help you. Shall we begin?


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