Peyronie: home treatment and care of penile curvature

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When you feel that something is wrong with your body or you have some kind of a symptom, what do you do? For many people the first reaction is to do a Google research, try to self-diagnose, getting rid of that apprehension. The problem is that many of these people end up not going to the doctor afterwards. As a professional in the area, I do not suggest you to be one of them. There is a world of information on the internet and not all of them are checked nor can be trusted, so when dealing with your health, the first step is to seek for the evaluation and opinion of a specialist.

When it comes to men's sexual health, the urologist is the most indicated specialist. It is to him that you will be able to talk frankly about your penis and you will be sure that everything is going well. The biggest problem is that, in reality, most men are not aware of that. So when they notice that something is wrong with their penis, usually shame and embarrassment hinder the initiative to seek for treatment with a specialist. And when we are talking about Peyronie, self-diagnosis and home treatment can be very dangerous.

This post aims to be an alert to you who might be facing problems with penile curvature. I am going to talk a little about the beginning of the Peyronie treatment, I will show you that the medical monitoring with your urologist is essential for the success of the treatment, and that homemade arrangements are not an alternative that should be taken into account.


How the Peyronie treatment with medicines works

If you have ever looked for something related to the treatments of Peyronie's disease on the internet, you probably heard about the use of Vitamin E-based remedies and shock therapies, also known as lithotripsy. Yes, these are methods offered as a option for treatment, but they are not always the best option and I will explain why. The International Society of Sexual Medicine (ISSM ) does not recognize the guarantee of success of these methods. There have been cases in which no improvement or stabilization of the curvature has been observed.

Dealing with such a serious problem that can also affect the psychological condition of the man, the best medical conduct is to treat it in the way that it has the greatest probability of success and that must be based on serious studies that prove its effectiveness. In this case, an ultrasound examination accompanied by an artificially induced erection during consultation is essential to evaluate the functionality of the penis and to choose the best form of treatment.

It is important to know that Peyronie has two stages. When early diagnosed, as soon as the penis begins to present the curvature, the patient is most likely to be in the inflammatory phase of the disease. At this moment, after a careful evaluation of the condition of the penis and of the fibrosis that has caused the Peyronie, it is possible to start treatment with the use of drugs that stimulate blood circulation within the penis. The goal at this phase is to stabilize the penile curvature so that it does not disturb the physical and sexual functions of the penis.

After the stabilization of the curvature, a new evaluation will be made to determine if the disease has caused any damage to the sex life or to the anatomy of the patient’s penis. The result of this complete examination will indicate the necessity or not of surgery, which happens when the disease reaches the second stage, also known as definitive cicatricial. At this point, according to my experience and proven by several scientific studies in the area, the use of medication will no longer bring satisfactory results.


Home treatment to cure Peyronie is not an option

Peyronie is a serious problem caused by a fibrosis that is formed in the penis due to trauma, fracture or other conditions. The treatment is a simplified and assertive process, but that does not mean it can be done without the supervision of an urologist. The follow up with an experienced specialist is fundamental to cure not only penile curvature but also check for other problems that may have occurred because of the disease such as erectile dysfunction.

Even being aware of how serious this matter is many men still prefer to risk to do home treatment so they will not have to go to consultations, exams and undergo possible surgeries in the penis. This is the biggest mistake a patient can make, because besides not healing, these options can even aggravate the problem.

Therefore, avoid any advice to use medicinal teas, exercises and, especially, penile devices that promise to straighten it. Usually these methods are not recognized by any health organization and might cause serious damage, especially when done without medical care. Whoever sells you these options as a solution is not worried about your well-being.

If noticing any symptoms of Peyronie, remember: the sooner you reach out for an urologist, the greater are the chances of recovery. Report your case on this link and receive relevant information about your treatment process.


Peyronie's surgery

Regardless of your age, treating penile curvature problems is very important to avoid any physical and psychological trouble involving sex. Whether due to misinformation, apprehension or shame, a lot of men do not look for a specialized professional to be attended by and end up compromising their relationships. And we know that a happy and healthy sex life brings many benefits and increases the life quality of a person.

In addition to drug treatment, there are cases where surgery will also be necessary to resolve the issue. It is an efficient and safe procedure. I do it through Egydio’s Technique, based on geometric principles. In this surgical technique the short side of the penis, the one compromised by Peyronie, is elongated until it is the size of the non-affected side. This ensures not only the correction of the curvature, but also the recovery of the damaged size and shape of the penis, and that is done up to the limits of the nerves, blood vessels and urethra, which is the largest possible size in a reconstructive penis procedure.

Learn more about surgical treatment for Peyronie, performed with local anesthesia and hospital discharge on the same day.

Now that you have seen the importance of consulting with a specialist to evaluate and solve any problem involving your penis, how about taking the first step now?

Contact us and we will start a conversation.


Dr. Paulo Egydio

MD, PhD, Referência Mundial no Tratamento da Doença de Peyronie, Pênis Curvo e Implante de Próteses Penianas. Doutor em Urologia pela USP, CRM 67482.

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