Can a congenital penile curvature evolve to Peyronie's disease?

BY Dr. Paulo Egydio


Yes, it’s normal to have a curved penis. I realize that many men feel ashamed of the curved anatomy of their penises and because of that they don’t want to talk about it, making it a taboo. Apparently, they don't know that the most important thing when you notice something different in your penis is to look for specialized advice and information on that matter, in order to find the ideal treatment to have a more fulfilling life.

We call it Congenital Penile Curvature when the man has this tortuosity from birth on and this is usually perceived when the erections begin. With genetic origins, it can be perfectly normal and without any risks of causing future problems. However, the evaluation of an urologist is imperative to bring the necessary guidelines or to determine if some kind of treatment will be necessary so that the problem does not evolve to Peyronie’s Disease, which is also known as Acquired Penile Curvature.

It is worth mentioning that in either the Congenital Penile Curvature (Curved Penis at Young Age) and the Acquired Penile Curvature (Peyronie's Disease), the penis becomes curved due to the difference in elasticity of its tissues and it may cause one side to be longer than the other. However, the treatments to straighten the penis are different for each different situation.

If you have noticed that your penis has a curvature since you were young, this post is for you. Here you will get to know the necessary care and how to do not let the problem evolve to a more serious condition.



Many men who have a curved penis make the mistake to get medical help only when it disturbs their sexual life. In these cases, the risk of having suffered some penile trauma, even if small and imperceptible, is more likely, however, what usually happens is that only after discovering the problem they realize that it could have been avoided with some simple actions.

I always point out to all boys, when they start the puberty phase and the sexual discoveries that they should consult preventively an urologist. A face-to-face assessment will help to find out any problems that might exist in regards to the form of the penis and to provide a guideline for the onset of sexual life.

If a young man is diagnosed with Congenital Penile Curvature, he will have all necessary information and resources to avoid aggravating the problem. In some cases, there is no need of a treatment. Being careful during sexual intercourse and the simple medical follow-up are the only required things to continue to have an enjoyable and happy life.

However, if the curvature is significant, the urologist should suggest to the patient to consult with an andrologist, a doctor who is specialized in treating problems in the male sexual functions and will do the necessary examinations to indicate appropriate treatment and to ensure that the curvature does not aggravate to Peyronie's disease.



There is no way to prevent Congenital Penile Curvature from occurring, since the problem is genetic and affects young people in their formation. What can and should be avoided is that the tortuosity to be aggravated throughout the years.

When the problem is related to some level of erectile dysfunction, even if it is a light one, a treatment to ensure that the erection reaches the correct and safe level for the sexual act is essential. Depending on the case, a hormonal replacement solves the problem. In others, the placement of a prosthesis may be the most appropriate solution. Your doctor must evaluate and prescribe the best diagnosis.

All this because, without the necessary rigidity for penetration, the penis can suffer traumas and that can cause internal fissures, which aggravates the curvature becoming Peyronie's Disease, provoking symptoms such as pain during sexual relations or even erection problems and impotence.

If there is no difficulty in maintaining erection, and yet you feel that the penis bends during intercourse, I recommend you to seek a specialist in penile curvature and do a complete evaluation. This may be an indication that the proportion between length and caliber is not adequate, in other words, that the limb is too thin for its size. 

Some cases of Congenital Curvature cause a very high tortuosity in the penis, with an angle greater than 30 degrees, which makes intercourse quite uncomfortable or even impossible, since it is accompanied by pains and problems to have sexual intercourse without the penis keep escaping. This also has a solution and should be pursuit as soon as possible, to resolve the situation and make your sex life up to date.



The incidence of trauma and fissures in the penis usually occurs during sexual act, especially when the man is in a position in which he has no control over the movements. 

When the man has a penile curvature, he should be more careful. He must pay attention to the movements to have a greater control over them and use artificial lubrication as essential care to have a good time during sex. In addition, consulting with an urologist for a face-to-face assessment is more than necessary so that other orientations can be given.

Please contact me if you need support to initiate this conversation.

In order to avoid fissures in the penis, the man must be careful during penetration. If your penis frequently escapes, you should be careful. This is a very common situation among men with a more aggravated curvature, the heat of the moment makes it difficult to pay attention to it.

This is an attitude that can bring risks to the health of your penis, since the fissures worsen even more the curvature. In addition to that, there is the possibility of feeling pain during the sexual act, something that must be followed up with great attention, since painful sexual relations indicate some type of condition that can be treated.

With all of that said, you already know that having a penile curvature is normal, however it is necessary to do a complete assessment with a specialist and have some cares so that the problem does not worsen and become a Peyronie's Disease.

Prevention is everything at this moment of discovery. That is why I leave here a pre-analysis form, intended for you who has a curved penis but has not yet made an assessment to know how your penis is and what care or treatment is needed so that this tortuosity does not increase.


Dr. Paulo Egydio

MD, PhD, Dedicado no Tratamento da Doença de Peyronie, Pênis Curvo e Implante de Próteses Penianas. Doutor em Urologia pela USP, CRM 67482, RQE 19514. - Vencedor do Debate do Sobrevivente da AUA em 2019.