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Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that, in an advanced stage, is not solved through oral and injectable treatments. Therefore, to solve the problem definitively, reconstruction and implantation of penile prosthesis are used.

In this blog, we are going to answer a question that is very common among my patients who need a prosthesis to solve the dysfunction: How much does a penile prosthesis cost?

Making a budget for prosthesis is not as simple as you think. Its function is to provide enough rigidity to the penis so that the patient is able to have sexual intercourse, without the penis escaping easily due to movements.

If I may make a comparison: choosing a prosthesis is almost similar to choosing a car: there are popular, intermediate and luxury cars. The prostheses, regardless of the model, have the same function of providing vertical resistance to the penis, but there are other specificities to be considered by the patient when choosing a prosthesis.

What are the types of penile prosthesis available? 

The semi-rigid prosthesis (or malleable prosthesis), for example, has national and international production. The price of national penile prostheses varies between R$2,000.00 and R$8,000.00 reais. The price of international penile prostheses, taking into account the current dollar value, varies between US$1,200.00 and US$2,000.00.

There are two types of implant: hydraulic (or inflatable) and malleable (or semi-rigid). See more in this interview that Dr. Paulo Egydio gave to the Amaury Junior program. 

Among the semi-rigid ones there are the most malleable, the most rigid, the thickest and the thinnest ones. Considering so many models, pricing them equally as if they were the same thing is impossible. The patient's anatomy added to his taste influences the final value of the penile implant.

The inflatable prosthesis has two models: 02 and 03 volumes. Inflatable prostheses are imported and nationalized here. The price variation of the Penile Prosthesis between these models is from US$8,000.00 to US$15,000.00 dollars. In addition to the different volumes, the different brands also influence the final value of the penile implant.

I wrote a blog featuring existing models of penile prosthesis which you can read by clicking here.

Does medical insurance cover the penile prosthesis?

Medical insurance helps pay for the implant and the hospital. However, the prosthesis to be made available by the agreements is malleable or semi-rigid. This is because the ANS (National Supplementary Health Agency) understands that the semi-rigid prosthesis has a functional purpose, that is, it is seen as the recovery of the functionality of an organ.

According to the ANS Technical Opinion, the malleable prosthesis is on the Rol list, forcing both new and old medical plans to offer the implant to the patient.

The Technical Opinion states: 

"However, it is worth mentioning that the SEMI-RIGID PENILE PROSTHESIS IMPLANT procedure is listed in the Rol, having, Published on 01/02/2018, therefore, mandatory coverage by the "new medical plans" and the adapted "old plans", with no burden on the beneficiary. "


In the case of the 2- or 3-volume inflatable prosthesis, the ANS understands that there are no studies that prove that it works better than the malleable penile prosthesis.

Regarding the fees of the medical team, the medical insurance works with prior reimbursement. This means that the patient knows in advance, through the patient himself or with the help of the surgeon's medical team, how much the insurance will reimburse him.

The importance of Penile Reconstruction

Penile reconstruction, if added to the implantation of the prosthesis, allows the patient to have greater satisfaction in the final result. This is because the reconstruction aims to solve the thinning, size reduction and curvature of the penis, through tissue expansion, respecting the limits of the urethra and nerves.

The directions of the incisions to reconstruct the penis are calculated according to what is intended to be corrected: if the need is to recover the size, horizontal incisions are made to recover the maximum size of the penis. If the intention is to recover the caliber, vertical incisions are made that allow penile expansion. 

Escrevi um blog sobre reconstrução peniana que você pode ler clicando aqui!

If you realize that your erection is no longer the same and you know it's time to consider a penile prosthesis implant, fill out the pre-analysis form and let's start talking in search of treatment.



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