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Congenital curved penis - what is a regular penis?

Let's talk about your penis’s health? Surely you call your doctor for periodic blood and heart tests, but when was the last time you took your best friend to a medical evaluation? Many men do not realize the importance of visiting an urologist on a regular basis and make sure that everything is going well down there.

on Nov 22, 2017 4:19:24 PM
Penile Prosthesis: How do I know if I need an implant?



The penile prosthesis is a subject that creates doubts among men. Many think that its function is to increase the size of the penis, but we have already shown that this is a myth. Curiosities aside, the most accurate way to diagnose the need for an implant is through a functional examination of your penis.  It must be done by a medical expert, who will induce the erection artificially and make a detailed ultrasound of the penis.

Prostate Cancer and Penile Prosthesis - How are they connected?

O Câncer de próstata é um dos tipos mais curáveis que existe, porém o tratamento traz algumas consequências para o homem que devem ser tratadas com cautela. É praticamente certo que este paciente irá vivenciar problemas como disfunção erétil (dificuldade de ereção) ou até impotência sexual.

Prostate Cancer - How to Prevent and Consequences of Treatment

Every men can develop prostate cancer, in order to advise this public about the importance of prevention and self-care that the Blue November campaign came about, it is an awareness campaign taken by various entities and focused at society, especially men, to highlight the importance of regularly seeing an urologist and to do periodic examinations indicated by the specialists.

How to Straighten a bent penis - Peyronie or Congenital Curvature?

If you have no idea of the answer, don't worry. I have noticed that this is a common question among my patients.

Have you ever wondered the penile anatomy can vary greatly from man to man? I know this is not a very common topic when chatting with friends, so it is normal to have questions about what defines a bent penis and its implications.

If this is your the case, you are in the right place. Here we will talk openly about how to straighten the penis, no matter if the problem is either Congenital Curvature or Peyronie's Disease. With no taboos, the purpose is to help you. Shall we begin?


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