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Penile Prosthesis Price ! Know how much a penile implant costs

Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that, in an advanced stage, is not solved through oral and injectable treatments. Therefore, to solve the problem definitively, reconstruction and implantation of penile prosthesis are used.

Penile Injections: Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Without Surgery
Erectile dysfunction is the male's inability to have or maintain a satisfactory erection for the sexual act. There are medical and surgical treatments to heal or reverse the dysfunction, aiming to help the patient to keep a healthy sexual life.
Among the non-surgical methods created to solve erectile dysfunction is the intracavernous injection.

It consists of the application of medication inside the corpora cavernosa to produce an erection. It is composed of prostaglandin, phentolamine, papaverine and/or atropine. There can also be a combination between two, three or four medications, resulting in bimix, trimix and quadmix compounds.

It is important to emphasize that if the medication contains prostaglandin, it must be kept in the refrigerator to keep it suitable for use.

Intracavernous injection is indicated for patients who previously used oral medications to solve the dysfunction, but did not obtain the expected results.
Penile Fracture: Can the penis break?

Penile fracture, or penile trauma, is an extremely important issue to men. That is so because if it does happen, it can turn into a more serious problem, like Peyronie's Disease.

Penile Graft: Penile surgery with or without skin graft?

The use of skin graft is no longer the best solution for penile reconstruction. One of the many benefits of the Egydio Technique, which has evolved over the last 20 years, is that it is no longer necessary to insert the penile graft. The graft is a tissue used in urology for penile reconstruction. It is usually removed from other parts of the patient's body or from animal’s tissues, such as the submucosa of pigs or bovine pericardium.

What is penile fibrosis? Causes, consequences and how to treat it
Male Urinary Incontinence: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Today's post is dedicated to a problem that compromises the physical and emotional well-being of those who live with this condition, which can affect the life quality and even limit social and physical activities, as well as the sexual life. I am talking about urinary incontinence, the involuntary loss of urine.

on Jan 30, 2019 7:44:00 PM
Erection Problems: Use of Medications, Injections, or Surgery?

Erection problems are more common than we think. With different degrees of intensity, erectile dysfunction can range from mild to severe and reach not only older men but also younger men. It turns out that fear or shame in talking about it causes many men to hide. The prejudice and lack of information about the great chance of cure that treatments bring ends up compromising their sexual and, consequently, social life.

What is erectile dysfunction and how to identify the phases?
Men's health: how to stay healthy all year round

Before we start talking about man's sexual health, let us agree on one thing: Sex is great! Moreover, it is not just for your well-being and self-esteem. The sexual activity also brings countless physical benefits, such as relief from migraine attacks, improvements in the appearance of the skin, decreased stress, better quality of sleep and many other factors that directly affect your daily life.

Prostate Surgery: Will I Need a Penile Prosthesis?

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