How to enlarge your penis? Know the techniques of penile reconstruction

Como aumentar o pênis?

Penis size is a tough subject for men. There is a myth that the bigger the penis, the greater the pleasure offered by it. Before I talk to you about this, I need to say that this is a myth. Penis size is not necessarily related to its functionality.

In this blog, you will know what penis enlargement (phalloplasty) is and the existing techniques for how to enlarge/thicken the penis.


What is penis enlargement? 

Penile enlargement, or phalloplasty, is the surgical procedure that aims to increase the dimensions of the penis. It is indicated for patients with functional problems, that is, patients whose penis easily escapes during sexual intercourse or do not have good penetrative capacity.

There are some specific facts in which the patient can undergo phalloplasty, namely: 

  • Cases in which the patient developed penile fibrosis for a variety of reasons, including Peyronie's Disease;
  • Cases in which the patient underwent a Radical Prostatectomy;
  • Cases in which the patient suffers from a dysfunction in the relationship between size and caliber of the penis;
  • Cases in which the patient has undergone a penile prosthesis implantation procedure and has difficulties with firmness, or the penis has become too short and thin. In this case, it is necessary to change the prosthesis to a larger size.

I wrote a blog about penile fibrosis and how it affects a man's sex life. You can access it by clicking here! 


Is it possible to enlarge and thicken the penis? 

Yes. Enlarging the penis and making it bigger is possible. However, this procedure cannot be done just thinking about male aesthetics. It is not possible to simply decide to enlarge the penis and face a scalpel for it.  

Enlarging the penis and thickening it are consequences of Penile Reconstruction. In some circumstances, penile thickness and size are not in harmony, which impairs the patient's sex life. The patient with a long and thin penis can suffer injuries during sex.

This disharmony can be resolved through vertical tissue expansion, which allows the penis to have greater thickness (caliber), and through horizontal expansion, which allows for greater size. 

For the patient to have a satisfactory result of Penile Reconstruction, it is necessary to lengthen the penis to the limit of the nerves and urethra. 

Tecnica de Reconstrução Peniana

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How to enlarge the penis? 

There are techniques that make penile reconstruction and enlargement possible. One of them is reconstruction through the use of grafts - as Dr. Paulo Egydio explains in this interview to Folha - that, in general, these are tissues taken from other parts of the patient's body or from raw materials derived from animals. 

This technique has negative factors such as the need for long lines of suture, it offers little resistance to the patient and, most importantly for the topic covered in this blog, it limits the expansion of the penis.

There is also Reconstruction through the Egydio Technique. This technique does not use grafts, as it makes the necessary incisions to enlarge and expand the penis directly in the tunics. These expansions are covered by the patient's own body and respect the incisions made, which means that penile enlargement is maintained even with healing.

I wrote a blog talking about Penile Reconstruction with or without the use of a graft, which you can check out by clicking here.

Aesthetic penile enlargement procedures can bring major complications to male sex life. Enlarging the penis can be directly linked to the need to solve a functional problem. We'll talk about that in the second blog on penile enlargement. 

Below you will find a video where I talk more about the existing procedures for Penile Enlargement and Penile Reconstruction. 

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