What is erectile dysfunction and how to identify the phases?


Erectile dysfunction happens when a man cannot have or maintain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It may be as much of a physical origin - related to age advancing, issues or complications of Peyronie disease,  diabetes and prostate surgery, or of psychological origin such as insecurity, anxiety, and depression. There are also some continuously used medicines that inhibit the circulation of blood inside the penis.

Note that to be considered erectile dysfunction, this has to be a constant problem, which happens every time you have a sexual relation. Occasional cases of impossibility or loss of erection are not treated as erectile dysfunction.

Usually this is a condition diagnosed by the person himself, so it is important to know the signs of the disease and know that it has different degrees, ranging from the difficulty in sustaining an erection to the total inability to have one. If this happens to you, consult an urologist as soon as possible to identify the real source of the problem and the necessary treatment to resolve it. Beware of homemade recipes and internet advice, aside from not having a scientific basis, they can even worsen the condition.

See below the different degrees of erectile dysfunction and how to identify them.


The different degrees of erectile dysfunction

Many men think they do not have an erection problem because they can still have it at the first moment. However, when you cannot maintain it or you lose it during the sexual act, or even if it is not erect enough to ensure a safe penetration, this means that the erectile dysfunction may be of a mild or moderate degree. Knowing how your body works is essential to be able to identify the dysfunction in these cases.

Erection is an involuntary reaction in response to a sexual stimulus, which causes the brain, nerves, heart, blood vessels, and hormones to work together to rapidly increase the amount of blood flowing into the penis. Because of the great amount of body parts working together, discovering the cause of erectile dysfunction depends on medical evaluations and specific tests to get to the most appropriate treatment. Nevertheless, when something is not right with the functioning of the penis, the patient is the first one to notice. If you cannot have a sexual relation until the end, or the act happens very briefly and without the couple's satisfaction, seek medical help.

Although it seems harmless, the problems stemming from a poor erection can seriously disturb.


When erection does not occur

The total absence of erection in the man means that there is little blood running through his penis and hence the erectile dysfunction has a severe degree. The first step in case this happens is to seek medical help to identify where the problem comes from. It is important that you make an appointment as soon as the dysfunction is identified, because over time the problem may worsen and cause the penis to decrease in size by forming fibroses due to lack of oxygenation.


Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be treated with medications that increase blood circulation in the penis, whether pills or injections, or with the penile prosthesis, it will all depend on the degree of the dysfunction, its cause and how long it has been there.

The most effective treatment and with the greatest number of satisfied patients is the penile prosthesis. Although feared by many, the implant will bring back the necessary stiffness for penetration. To my patients, I apply the surgical procedure combined with the Egydio Technique, which also corrects any other problems that may arise from erectile dysfunction, such as a decrease in penile size, for example.

Knowing how long a man has been aware of erectile dysfunction and the problems that it implies are essential information for every medical specialist during the treatment.

If you want to start an evaluation, fill out the pre-analysis form available below and we will start a conversation in search of the best treatment. Erectile dysfunction has a cure and a successful treatment is essential for the recovery of men's sexual life and self-esteem.


Dr. Paulo Egydio

MD, PhD, Dedicado no Tratamento da Doença de Peyronie, Pênis Curvo e Implante de Próteses Penianas. Doutor em Urologia pela USP, CRM 67482, RQE 19514. - Vencedor do Debate do Sobrevivente da AUA em 2019.

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