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Due date of the Penile Prosthesis: Know the durability of the implant


Before undergoing surgery to implant a prosthesis, there is an important point that the surgeon must clarify so that the patient knows what to expect from the result: it is the validity of the penile prosthesis.

Penile Atrophy: Why is my penis getting smaller and thinner?

Do you know what the average penis size is? And when can we consider that a man has penile atrophy? This is what you will discover today in this blog.

Penis Thinning: Cause and treatment of hourglass deformity
If you have noticed changes in your sex organ and you are worried about penile thinning, it is time to seek information and a specialist to evaluate your condition, as surgery may be necessary. 
Penile prosthesis: Before and after surgery photos

The surgical procedure aims to restore the functionality of the penis. With the geometrically calculated expansion, it is possible to implant a larger and wider prosthesis. Know what to expect.

How to enlarge your penis? Know the techniques of penile reconstruction

Penis size is a tough subject for men. There is a myth that the bigger the penis, the greater the pleasure offered by it. Before I talk to you about this, I need to say that this is a myth. Penis size is not necessarily related to its functionality.

Penis Elargement: Know the myths and truths about falloplasty

The size of the penis, as well as its functional capacity and good performance in the nick of time, is a very sensitive subject for men. In the previous blog that you can access by clicking here, we talked about how to enlarge the penis through existing penile reconstruction techniques.

How is prostate surgery performed? Know the consequences!

Pelvic surgeries are procedures that seek to solve cancer problems in the bladder, rectum and prostate. These surgeries can damage the nerves in the penis that result in health problems such as erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

In this blog you will learn a little more about pelvic surgeries called: radical cystectomy, abdominoperineal resection and radical prostatectomy. You will also know the possible treatments for the consequences caused by such procedures.

Does diabetes cause erectile dysfunction? Learn about the treatments!

Diabetes is an endocrine disease where the body does not produce enough insulin, or cannot properly apply it, to regulate the blood glucose level. The lack of glucose dissolution causes arterial damage and neural changes.

What to do when Sildenafil and Tadalafil don't work?

The use of oral medication to solve Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most requested topics on our social media. And, to solve all doubts about this topic, I've created a series with 03 blogs and videos where you will learn about the treatments to solve Erectile Dysfunction. 

Penile prosthesis postoperative: what is the scar on the penis like?

The scar after surgery does not usually affect a man's sexual health or self-esteem. However, the focus should be on the recovery of the organ function so that sex is practiced with quality.


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