Geometric Principles to correct a Congenital Curvature - BJUI 2012

POR Dr. Paulo Egydio

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Study Type--Therapy (practise pattern survey) Level of Evidence 3b. What's known on the subject? and What does the study add? Congenital penile deviation has become a relatively frequent finding due to a greater awareness of the problem among patients and physicians. Since the first surgical correction for congenital penile curvature was performed, many modifications have been implemented to overcome the disadvantages of the standard procedure and to improve functional results. Among the possible side effects of the original technique are postoperative erectile dysfunction, the development of painful nodules at the suture sites ('dog ears'), alteration of cutaneous sensibility and significant penile shortening. This study presents a novel approach for the correction of congenital penile curvature. We modified the conventional Nesbit technique by applying superficial tunica albuginea excisions, according to the geometric principles of the Egydio technique.



To report our experience with a new technique for the correction of congenital penile curvature based on geometric principles.



Between January 2006 and March 2011, 211 men with congenital penile curvature underwent our modified Nesbit technique. The technique consists of an objectivation of the degree of curvature and distribution of the bending force by multiple, small, superficial, elliptical excisions of the tunica albuginea.



The overall success rate was 99.1%. A residual curvature of less than 20° was reported in 5% (n = 11) of the cases; none of these patients opted for further surgical correction. Residual curvature of up to 30° was observed in 0.9% (n = 2); these patients underwent a reoperation. Acquiring or regaining the ability to perform sexual intercourse brought major relief and high rates of satisfaction and self-esteem. No recurrence of a ventral curvature occurred.



Our modified Nesbit technique, consisting of superficial tunica albuginea excision according to the geometric principles of the Egydio technique, leads to rapid and excellent results due to an objectivation of the curvature. It is a safe and valid alternative for the treatment of congenital ventral or ventro-lateral penile deviation.


Kuehhas FE, Egydio PH. Superficial tunica albuginea excision, using geometric principles, for the correction of congenital penile curvature. - 2012. BJU Int. 2012 Dec; 110(11 Pt C):E949-53.


Dr. Paulo Egydio

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